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Poster: glenn Date: Aug 2, 2004 10:08am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: one more thing?

I can"t spare the disk space right now for 2 whole shows. I could confirm that an alleged 'bad' file was good, if I knew which file to look at, but I'll leave it to you 'Grateful Dad' to follow up on this, it won't take two of us and you are in a better position to accomplish something in this case.

Thanks for stepping in.

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Poster: GratefulDad Date: Aug 2, 2004 1:08pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: one more thing?

Ok.. there's a few things wrong.

First 4-28-04, all of the music files have the wrong extention. They all end in '.flac16' not '.flac'. That's why winamp and flacfront end can't handle them. After renaming, d3t11 fails to decode.

Second. 4-29-04. Some of the files end with '.flac16', some with the correct '.flac'. But there is problem with ymsb04-04-29d2t03.flac16, and ymsb04-04-29d2t03.flac as these two files are not the same size. We could probably fiqure it out..

In both of these cases, I downloaded the entire zip file. I would guess that these problems exist no matter how get to the files.

Interestingly... the flac finger print (ffp) data suggest that all of these files were at one time named properly with the .flac extention.

I will post an error report sometime in the morning.

Grateful Dad

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Poster: glenn Date: Aug 2, 2004 10:25pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: one more thing?

in that case, I would suspect a regenerated md5 file and possibly mixed-source lineage (tracks from different sources) or possibly a file that failed md5 or incorrectly something or other...

you can contact the uploader, maybe he can give some insight? the .flac/.flac16 thing is pretty sketchy especially if the filenames once were correct.

would you post the md5file?

I'd like to do an iliad search for each checksum string ,to see if any of them match any known shns, or partially match.

unless you can get a handle on it.